Handouts & Presentations

General Sessions

Employer-Based School-to-Work Transition: The Project SEARCH Model
J. Erin Riehle, MSN, RN

Family Testimonial (PDF, 132K)
Cinda Johnson, Ed.D., and Linea Johnson

Transition Flow: From Assessments to Postsecondary Goals (PPT, 788K)
Ed O’Leary, Ed.D.

State of Transition in Texas (Handouts,136K)
Kathy Albers

Breakout Sessions

Student-Focused Planning

A Good Life Doesn’t Just Happen! Blending Dreams & Teams to Plan for Your Child’s Adult Future (Handouts, 3.0M)
Jeanine Pinner

College Living Experience: Seeing is Believing (Vendor Spotlight)
Martha Dorow

Transition Planning – The Multicultural Piece
Angelica Rodriguez, Transition Specialist ESC Region 19 and Kathy Keener, Transition Specialist, ESC Region 3

The Project SEARCH High School Transition Program
Erin Riehle: Co-Director Project SEARCH and Director of Disabilities Services, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Curriculum to Implement Indicator “iTransition
Randi Turner, DARS

What Do I Do? Information for New and Novice Transition Specialists
Elizabeth Schroeder, Transition Specialist, ESC, Region XIII

Reaching My Own Greatness: A Tool for Self-Determination (PPT, 444K)
Carri George; Erin Wilder; Jane Leifeste 

Strategies that Promote Self-Determination (PPT,1008K; DOC, 24K)
Carla Johnson, Transition Specialist, ESC Region XI and Cindy Pierce, Transition Specialist, ESC Region X

In Round Rock ISD, Every Special Education Teacher Is a Transition Specialist! 
Carol Huntley, Round Rock ISD

Transition: Students Taking Control of Their Lives and Their Futures
(PPT, 288K; Handouts,192K)
Amy Woodul - Leander ISD Dropout Prevention Specialist, Nancy Young-Leander ISD Special Education English/Language Arts Curriculum Facilitator, Denise Geiger, Leander ISD Transition Coordinator

Using the iPod in the Transition Process (Vendor Spotlight) (PDF, 1.9M)
Terry Schmitz, Conover Company

Standards-Based IEPs (Handouts, 4.3M)
Kelly Bevis Woodiel, Transition Specialist, ESC Region XX

Student-Led ARDs: Their Voice, Their Plan, Our Responsibility
(PDF, 788K; DOC, 16K)
Karen Pepkin, Transition Specialist, ESC, Region IV

Helping Students Find the E.D.G.E. (PPT, 128K; Handouts, 16K)
Sharon Smith, Channelview ISD

Rethinking Transition Goals for Independent Living: The Importance of Community Participation, Recreation, and Leisure
(PPT, 144K; Handouts, 692K)
Nancy Hunter and Mike Sullivan, Outreach Director, Special Olympics Texas

Transition Planning for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
(PPT, 8.5M; Handouts, 68K)
Denise Dudley, Transition Specialist Rockwall ISD

Healthy Transitions for Youth with Serious Emotional Disturbances or Serious Mental Illness (SED/SMI) (PPT, 88K; Handouts, 80K)
Kathy Griffis-Bailey, M.S., Program Specialist, CSHCN Services Program, and Sharon Sheldon, Program Specialist, Child and Adolescent Health Services 

Transition Assessments that Impact the Whole Child (2-hour session)
(PPT, 604K; Handouts, 236K)
Denise Geiger, Special Education Transition Co-Coordinator

Interagency Collaboration

Collaboration That Works! Transportation and Vocational Services
(PPT, 1.0M; Handouts, 968K)
John & Opal “Martie” Jensen

Entrepreneurial Endeavors in Transition
Sharron Stephenson, Transition Specialist, ESC Region XII, Peggy Cosner and ESC Region 12 district staff and students

How Six Districts Hosted A Regional Transition Fair and Lived to Tell About It! (PDF, 168K)
Debbie Banks, Transition Facilitator, Leander ISD, Denise Geiger, Transition Coordinator, Leander ISD, Carol Huntley, Transition Specialist, Round Rock ISD, Dawn Jennings, Parent Liaison, Georgetown ISD, Jeane Johnson, Parent Liaison, Round Rock ISD*, Jessica LeBlond, Parent Liaison, Leander ISD*, Debi McNiff, Parent Liaison, Leander ISD*, Candy Squilla, Parent Liaison, Round Rock ISD*, Susan Upshaw, Transition Coordinator, Georgetown ISD, Chris Visness, Transition Specialist, Pflugerville ISD,  Tracy Wancho, Transition Specialist, Lago Vista ISD  *also presenting with the FLAG Parent Group Panel

Transition: A Team Approach
Paula Margeson, REACH Resource Centers on Independent Living and Daniel Clark, MRC, CRC   

Working with the DARS TVRC Has Improved Student Results
(Handouts, 1M)
Tom Laign, Socorro ISD

The Directory of Community Resources for People with Disabilities and Their Families (PPT, 648K)
Lauren Cifuentes, Ph.D.,Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M; Amy Sharp, Ph.D., Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M; and Kathy Albers, ESC Region 18

What 18+ Services Are Like in Leander ISD (PPT, 88K; Handouts, 548K)
Kim Greer and Dana Burns

The Leadership Role of Managing Interagency Collaboration
Don Rolfe, Transition Specialist, ESC Region 15

Transition is Everybody’s Business (PDF, 528K)
Patricia Graves, Brenham ISD

Student Development

Strategies to Help Students Learn Easier (Handouts, 36K)
Raymond Gerson

Building Social Skills Lessons (PPT, 292K; Handouts, 52K)
Colleen Roundhill, Behavior Specialist, Leander ISD

Job Olympics (PPT, 2.1M)
Val Bradford, Texarkana ISD

Supported Learning and Testing when Reading and Writing are Difficult (Vendor Spotlight)
Bonnie Hill

Next Stop – Life: North East Transition Services (NETS) (PPT, 412K)
Dr. Nancy Neugebauer

Transition, Assessment and Career Management (Vendor Spotlight)
Gaylord Westbrook and Charles Jones

Coordinated Set of Activities: What, Why and How (PPT, 180K)
Ed O’Leary

  • Transition Services (DOC,152K)
  • Transition Websites (DOC, 20K)

From the Grounds Up (PDF, 468K)
Mary Ann Miron, Brenham ISD

Preparing High School Students for College: Services and Secrets to Success at Postsecondary Institutions
Patricia Moran, M.Ed., Blinn Community College

Some Students Need Job Coaching Support for Employment Success
Mary Carrillo

Improving Transition Outcomes (Vendor Spotlight)
Gary Bates

Community Access: Where Are We Now?                       
Leah Osborne, Socorro ISD

The CTSP Center: Your Personal Online Aid for Special Populations
(PPT, 304K)
Lakshmi Mahadevan, Ph.D.

What Do Young Adults with Disabilities Need After Graduation to Become Successful at Work and Independence? 
Terri Gutierrez, MSW, Methodist Mission Home

Program Structure

Transition: It’s About Results
Tom Laign, Socorro ISD

Accountability and Graduation: How Does Special Education Affect School Results? (PPT, 1.2M)
Terry Wyatt, Special Education Director, Tri-County SSA

Colleges Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities
(Handouts, 20K)     
Leslie McCulloch, Eanes ISD

Indicator 13: Where Do We Even Begin?
Antrice Newsome-Special Ed Curriculum Coordinator, Arlington ISD

Service Learning: A Guide to Improving Student Outcomes
Cara Dudley, Teacher, Leon ISD

Family Involvement

A Professor Professes: Advice for Families of Students Transitioning
into College
(DOC, 56K)
Dr. Millie Gore, Midwestern State University

A First-Person Journey of Bipolar Disorder: Insight, Resources, Hope
(PDF, 356K)
Cinda Johnson and Linea Johnson

Going Beyond Everybody Else’s Expectations (Vendor Spotlight)
Ben D. Anderson, Author/Presenter

Parents Speak Up on Transition Issues (DOC, 88K)
Rosemary Alexander, PhD, Coordinator, Family and School Support Team, Austin ISD

Resources Every Parent Should Know About: Helping Our Children with Disabilities to Live Safe and Enriched Lives 
Jeanine Pinner

Transition Planning: A Family Affair
Pam Humphrey, Parent Coordination Lead and Transition Specialist

How Families Can Survive the Transition into Adult Service (PPT, 280K)
Donna J. Flanery