Texas Transition Conference

The Texas Transition Conference is a two-day event focused on providing evidence-based practices that result in a smooth transition from school to adult life for youth with disabilities.
Participants will receive intensive training in five focus areas:


Conference attendees come from all over the state of Texas and include educators, transition specialists, vocational coordinators, service agency representatives, and youth with disabilities and their families.

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The CESP and the National APSE are not part of the Texas Transition Conference for more information about the CESP certification use the contact information in the CESP box below, please.

National APSE is pleased to offer the first national certification program for Employment Support professionals!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
2:00 to 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Westin Dallas Park Central, 12720 Merit Dr., Dallas, TX 75251

Job coaches, job developers, transition employment specialists, job placement personnel, and employment specialists/consultants can earn the designation of Certified Employment Support Professionals (CESP) by passing the national CESP examination.

The fee to take the exam is $159.00.

What is CESP?

  • CESP is a national credential for staff who assists people with disabilities with their employment needs.
  • The CESP credential is earned by passing a comprehensive examination based on national standardized competencies, developed via a rigorous process in compliance with the guidelines of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.
  • CESP is intended as a compliment to program certification and licensing.
  • The CESP is a national, portable individual credential.

Benefits of CESP Certification

  • Staff will have a nationally recognized credential that certifies their competency in the full array of skills areas necessary to assist individuals to succeed in employment.
  • Service providers will have confidence that staff have the necessary skills to perform high quality work.
  • Individuals with disabilities will have confidence that staff persons providing assistance are knowledgeable, highly skilled, and competent.
  • CESP provides assurances to business, individuals, and funding agencies, about the consistent and high quality of program staff, and commitment to best practice.

For employment support professionals: CESP certification shows colleagues, supervisors and individuals with disabilities that you completed a rigorous process to earn your national professional credential. CESP certification opens the door to:

  1. Improved professional advancement & job opportunities
  2. Increased income opportunities
  3. Enhanced credibility with employers

Click here to download the CESP™ Exam Application

Complete and submit the application and registration fee to:

APSE/CESP Exam, 416 Hungerford Drive, Suite 418
Rockville, MD 20850

301-279-0075 Fax

Questions: Please contact 

Aaron Robbins Wiseman, CESP Coordinator 
at aaron@APSE.org or 301-279-0060


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